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What is Wyda?

Wyda is an immersive business simulation game, purpose-built to provide a wider perspective and build business savvy. It’s virtual, fun and engaging and designed to produce more confident, well-rounded business professionals. Wyda reimagines business acumen and makes learning it accessible to everyone.

For Organisations

It’s online learning, but not as you know it. Ready to get your people the business acumen skills to take them to the next level? Our program, based on the neuroscience of how people learn, will help your teams reach your goals. Learn more.

For Individuals

If you’re ready to transform your career, build business acumen and get a wider perspective, then we’ve got the program and community experience to help you thrive. Learn more.

Read Our Reviews

“It’s making me understand my own organisation more, what all the C-Level people have to do”

“I really enjoyed it. It gave me great insight into the different responsibilities C-suite execs have and how important it is they all work together as a team.”

“It is so engaging – by far the best training I have done.”

“Very challenging having to collaborate effectively and make business critical decisions.”

“Gamification of business acumen – really enjoyed playing the roles of EVP, CEFO, CMO, COO, VP of Customer Contact Centre, Head of Procurement, CHRO and CEO – phew! One of the best trainings I have done in quite some time.”

“Over the past few months I played the role of various executives in an organisation and experienced highs and lows in each role, difficult decision making, stakeholder management and change management in a highly engaging gamified business acumen training experience. Big thank you to [company] and the team at WYDA for the opportunity to be part of such an incredible experience”

“I found it great fun and a very engaging way to learn in this modern age of digital. After spending time as a virtual CEO, COO, CMO, CIO I have greater clarity on my own strengths and opportunities. Thank you so much for this opportunity to enhance my business insight and skill.”

“This game has been so much fun but at the same time there are pressure points”

“Unlike a lot of other training that I do. Very engaging.”

“Quite addictive. want to see what happens now….i quite like the approach of the exercise cos, if we were reading dry bullet points…it would be … dry!”

“This game is really good – practical, insightful.”

“It was great, very interactive”

“I’m really enjoying it and the support from your team has been fantastic.”

“How I interact with customers has changed. I feel like I understand their challenges better. I know their business and how to help them more to meet my outcomes of increased sales and help them in the process.”

“I found myself in roles and scenarios that were completely new to me. I found that challenging but I loved the challenge and the knowledge it has provided me.”

Business Acumen Reimagined

Wyda Game has been designed to allow professionals with different levels of experience and education to build their business acumen. 

You will learn about five core business pillars in the context of each executive role. You will develop your strategic decision-making skills by building empathy and understanding of the interconnection of functional silos.





External environment

Game Based Learning

Our serious game transforms what can be dry and intimidating learning into a fun and engaging format. We simulate a real-world business context so that you can make decisions in a risk-free environment.

The game will give you targeted feedback in real time. We utilise current frameworks, case studies and business methodologies for you to draw on to improve your knowledge and skills.

Check out our blogs if you’d like to understand more about how learning in this format works.

Engaging & fun gameplay

Personalised feedback

Measurable results

Progressive learning

Location and Time Agnostic

Adaptable learning for a remote or hybrid workplace. Online, autonomous learning with support and the option of virtual facilitated group discussions.

The cohort learns together but retains autonomy on when they want to learn within a window, requiring approx. 1 hour a week from the players through the program.

Blend autonomous level play with social connections and discussion through optional coaching, workshops, discussion forums.

Perfect for hybrid teams – the virtual cohort can learn from the office, home or a combination and have the same consistent high-quality experience regardless. The program reduces your delivery risk as it does not need to be adjusted to accommodate changes in ways of working across regions or preferences of individual staff.


Learn anywhere

Social connection

Cohort experience

Easy for Learning & Development Teams

This program is efficient and automated, requiring minimal time from L&D to deploy. You nominate the participants and then receive progress reports throughout the program.

We will create pre-release communications, log-ins, onboarding and tips, nudge your participants to complete their learning over the program and celebrate highlights along the way and keep the energy up. We will remind players individually where they are up to against the cohort goals, and provide regular reports on completion and progress by team, region or department.

All of this can be customised to dovetail in to the broader learning goals of your organisation.


Minimal time



Unmatched Holistic Professional Development

The real business landscape isn’t simple – it’s not enough to be functionally knowledgeable.

To be effective you must have strong personal communication and connections, you need the capability to see the bigger picture, join the dots, anticipate and adapt and understand the human nuance to decision dynamics. Power up your business savvy through experiential learning in three dimensions:

Personal Effectiveness

Manage priorities, energy, relationships, wellbeing and more.

Business Ecosystem

Build new pathways connecting strategy, operations, finance, legal and the external environment.

Role Based Disciplines

A 360° view of functional silos within 9 different departments to deliver a well-rounded view, and the capacity to understand not just what they do, but how they succeed.

Ready to get a Wyda perspective?