Walk in the shoes of the C-suite

Step into the role of nine different executives to gain empathy and insight

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Meet The Team at Ada, Wyda’s fictional company

Wyda puts learners in the driver’s seat, taking on the role of each executive at the fictional company called Ada. They’ll learn who their teams are, their priorities, challenges and language. They will experience what it feels like to be leading these functions through different business situations.


Chief Executive OfficerIngrid



Chief Executive Officer

Ingrid must lead Ada and work with the Board through strategic and market shifts, crisis and opportunities to maximise the return for all her stakeholders. There are tough decisions to be made.


Chief Financial Officer.Neha



Chief Financial Officer.

Neha is responsible for overseeing the financial activities of the entire company. Sometimes this makes her unpopular, even as she must ensure Ada’s survival.


Chief marketing officerTony



Chief marketing officer

Tony is responsible for all the marketing activities in the organisation. Whether it is brand and reputation, products and go-to-market or digital and social media, Tony takes it all in his stride


Chief Human Resources OfficerRicardo



Chief Human Resources Officer

Ricardo oversees all aspects of human resource management, leadership practices, and employee engagement for Ada.


Executive Vice PresidentLucas



Executive Vice President

Lucas is responsible for top line growth and market penetration, and the sales teams globally across Ada’s traditional and emerging products.


Head of ProcurementKeith



Head of Procurement

Keith must manage supply chain risk, negotiate with vendors and navigate all the different priorities of the executive team, as Head of the Procurement function to get deals done and keep the wheels turning.


Chief Information OfficerLaleh



Chief Information Officer

Laleh leads the IT team through critical shifts in digital technology, supports the systems that keep the business running and must be ever vigilant for cybersecurity threats.


Chief Operating OfficerBlake



Chief Operating Officer

Blake is a highly tenured executive who leads operations, taking care of manufacturing, logistics, inventory and efficient processing. It’s on Blake to manage quality and production to meet the demand forecast with minimal waste.


Head of Contact CentreMaria



Head of Contact Centre

Maria is cool under pressure, ably leading the Contact Centre to manage interactions with Ada’s customers. She must deliver great customer experience while simultaneously serving as a leader to a large team of people and managing compliance and cost constraints.....there are good days and bad days ahead.

What YOU learn in each role

What YOU learn about each role

  • Key focus areas
  • Accountable and reporting lines
  • Compliance responsibilities
  • Performance measures
  • Team structures and skills

What YOU achieve

  • Role specific terminology
  • Priorities and time frames

An understanding of how the 9 roles, with different contexts, engage with the core business competencies of Strategy, Operations, Finance and Legal in an ever-changing External Environment.

You will learn the perspective, knowledge and skills that generate great business outcomes.

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Comments from previous Wyda players

“It’s making me understand my own organisation more, what all the C-Level people have to do”

“I really enjoyed it. It gave me great insight into the different responsibilities C-suite execs have and how important it is they all work together as a team.”

“It is so engaging – by far the best training I have done.”

“Very challenging having to collaborate effectively and make business critical decisions.”

“Gamification of business acumen – really enjoyed playing the roles of EVP, CEFO, CMO, COO, VP of Customer Contact Centre, Head of Procurement, CHRO and CEO – phew! One of the best trainings I have done in quite some time.”

“Over the past few months I played the role of various executives in an organisation and experienced highs and lows in each role, difficult decision making, stakeholder management and change management in a highly engaging gamified business acumen training experience. Big thank you to [company] and the team at WYDA for the opportunity to be part of such an incredible experience”

“I found it great fun and a very engaging way to learn in this modern age of digital. After spending time as a virtual CEO, COO, CMO, CIO I have greater clarity on my own strengths and opportunities. Thank you so much for this opportunity to enhance my business insight and skill.”

 “This game has been so much fun but at the same time there are pressure points” – Customer Success Account Manager

 “Unlike alot of other training that I do. Very engaging.”

 “Quite addictive. want to see what happens now….i quite like the approach of the exercise cos, if we were reading dry bullet points…it would be … dry!”

 “This game is really good – practical, insightful.”

 ” It was great, very interactive”

 “I’m really enjoying it and the support from your team has been fantastic.”

“How I interact with customers has changed. I feel like I understand their challenges better. I know their business and how to help them more to meet my outcomes of increased sales and help them in the process.”

“I found myself in roles and scenarios that were completely new to me. I found that challenging but I loved the challenge and the knowledge it has provided me.”